Monday, 16 June 2014

Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle//Music Update 03


So here is an update of my favourite songs and new downloads from the past few weeks. There are some new songs that I can tell will be a staple in my summer playlists.

Side Note: if you have never heard/been on 8 tracks (linked) you have been missing out! It is honestly my favourite thing ever invented! It is a website, they also have a free app, which is my most used app, that allows people to build playlists that anyone can listen to for free. You can search tags and find tailored playlists for whatever mood you are in, like 'chill' or 'summer'or even 'disney' if you are in that sorta' mood. I have an account and made a few playlists; find me here. Go check it out, you NEED this in your life!

Anyway on with the musical updates:

This is a song about just going out with your girls, letting go and just having an amazing night, which is just exactly what I love to do with my amazing girlies who I really miss during summer. I can't wait to be reunited with them at Uni in September. I really do love this song, one for the summer chills. 

Right, so I am a sucker for any cute little song about love and this is a perfect example. It is so adorable and is pro-love no matter what anyone thinks. Luckily Lindsay Lohan herself has posted on Twitter about her love for this song, so I am not alone. Adorable, and lighthearted to cheer anyone up. 

Oh my goodness! I can not get over how gorg Niykee (pronouned like Nikki) is, she is my WCW for sure, and she's only 19! GIVE ME YOUR FIGURE GIRL! She is so talented and most definitely one to look out for in the future. She has loads of covers over on her youtube page. Warning, if you stalk her Instagram, you will develop a major girl crush. 

Rather exciting news hearing that Secondcity will be performing at my Univeristy's Fresher Week '14 (Napier Univeristy in Edinburgh). Love this song, so summery and makes me want to go abroad, relax on a beach and drink some cocktails. 

I love the video for this song, it's just so funny and taking the piss out of other music video cliches. It does help that it is a super catchy song. I must admit that I used to find rather annoying but he has grown on me and he is really good in this. 

This is a shower song for sure, you know, one that you just can't help but belt out, despite being the worst singer of all time? Yeah, it's one of them. Bea has such an amazing voice clean voice that I can listen to again and again. 

The words to this are rather comical but all in all a super cute song, also a perfect shower ballad. I feel a bit sorry for poor Chloe haha.

A new one from the Barb herself. This time it's a more chilled out, calm song and I am a fan! Kendall and Kylie Jenner are also fans of Nicki's new song and I can't argue with that. 

Not a new release, but I have just discovered this. I really like the upbeat remix and it's just a nice song to add to my summer playlist and itunes in general. 

A new one from the Barb herself. This time it's a more chilled out, calm song and I am a fan! Kendall and Kylie Jenner are also fans of Nicki's new song and I can't argue with that. 

If you aren't shaking your booty or dancing in some way to this song then you have no music in your soul! It is such a fun song and I can't help but dance or 'wiggle' as Jason would say. Such a catchy beat and you can't help but sing a long. 

Hope you all enjoy a little snippet of my recently added music and find something new to listen to. Let me know if there are any songs that you just can't stop listening to and would recommend, I'd love to give them a listen. 

Peace and Love, 
Sophie. X 

Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Hello there, 

I have recently bought a plethora of new beauty and everyday fun things, so I thought I would do a round up of my favourites. So here goes my April/May favourites, enjoy...

Hairspray- I am currently obsessed with the Schwarzkopf got2b Glued Blasting Freeze Spray and it does exactly what it says on the can. I am very partial to a big bun or beehive quiff kind of thing so a strong holding hairspray is super important to survive the day. This spray smells amazing, goes on in a light mist and holds my hair in place perfectly. I will definitely be buying this again, and it's only £3! 

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. The Micellar water hype is real! I actually think it is a magic potion, basically a clear, unscented water than has the power to take of layers of makeup, even waterproof mascara, in just a swipe. I am so happy I bought this product, you just put some of the water on a cotton pad and then just use it like a cleanser. I have had this bottle for quite a while, it lasts for ages, 200 uses as it states, making it well worth the money (£4.99). Throw away those expensive make up and eye makeup removers, everyone needs this in their life!  

A bit different, but Little Miracles juices, which are delicious. I have just finished a rather stressful last term at uni as a third year and this meant spending lots of time in the library. Hydration is super important to keep my little brain cells ticking along. I get sick of sweet, fizzy juices and boring water sometimes, so I went for something in the middle. These are cold teas with lots of healthy ingredients, not overly sweet but enough to satisfy the craving. Super yummy and a healthier alternative. The green one tastes oddly like apple, despite apple not being a main ingredient. I bought these in Sainsburys, but I'm sure they are available in most supermarkets.    

This may sound weird but...I was known for being a moisturising at school. Any time we had PE out came the moisturiser, for me there is nothing worse that looking like a dessert lizard. I must say, everyone started to pack body lotion in their gym bags, your welcome girls! I picked this one up at Savers (best shop ever) it was super cheap, about £3 I think. This has become my favourite, it is thick and hydrating while remaining light on the skin and quick to absorb once applied. It has a fresh and clean scent and makes my skin feel so nourished and soft, I have even had several compliments on my baby soft skin. 

This is another Savers bargain. As a student my bank balance is never very happy, therefore Savers is literally my favourite place, you get top brands and the same products as in Boots or Superdrug, for a fraction of the price, it's a win win situation for me. I went in to get some hair products and picked up these. Both the shampoo and conditioner are only £1 a bottle! The price, as well as my favourite scent, coconut, were what sold it for me. My hair has never been so soft and smells delicious, so I would definitely recommend this to everyone.  

I have used my Naked 3 palette, from my previous post, (find it here) everyday since I got it so it had to get a little mention in my favourites post. Another thing I want to add, a bit random, is popcorn. I have popped (get it? sorry that was awful) on the popcorn bandwagon, I have the dried kernels and it is so much fun watching them puff up and turn into proper popcorn. Plus you can flavour it how ever you want, I am partial to making Nandos peri-peri salt flavour, deeeelicious. 

Well that is the end of my April/May favourites, I hope you have enjoyed a little insight into what I am loving right now, and that you might try some of them if you haven't already.

Peace and Love, 
Sophie. X

Friday, 2 May 2014

Let's Get Naked


So it's been a while since I last posted anything, but I have been sooooo busy with my Live Project at uni, but finally after far too much stress it is handed in, now only a presentation and another report to go. Our project report ended up being 117 pages long, 19000 words and £76 worth of printer credit between three of us. 

My Mum and Dad knew how stressed I was with all of my uni work and after a panic text to them complaining about my laptop not working, they came across to Edinburgh to see me the next day. We looked at new laptops but I concluded that my current one was sufficient enough and I couldn't justify my parents buying me a new one (yet). 

Instead of a new laptop, mummy treated me to some new makeup, at which I can't complain. We went to Debenhams on Princes Street to look at all the nice products and ended up at the Urban Decay stand. I have been dying for a Naked palette for so long, but my student budget has not allowed me to purchase one sadly. We chatted to Kate who was working at the stand and admired the new 'Electric Pressed Powder Palette'. The colours are so amazingly bright, I thought I could never wear them but Kate offered to try them out on me to show me how wearable they are. I chose to use the pinks and purples and it looked amazing on, however I'd need to practice my technique before attempting to use this palette. Safe to say I had the best eye-makeup out of everyone at the library later that day haha.   

I chose the Naked 3 palette (£37), I liked the colours in it, it has more pink and rose gold colours in it than the other Naked palettes and that's what swung it for me. I also picked up a trio of eyeliners, the 'Triple Threat Travel Pencil Set' (£10) which has the colours; Smoke, Perversion and Sabbath. At Debenhams they currently have a beauty event with £10 off, in store, (10% online) with any 2 'award winning' beauty or fragrance purchases, that's why I got the eyeliner set FREE. I chose a lipgloss to go with my new palette and just as a change from lipstick and as I don't have any nice lipgloss since I finished my favourite MAC one. I went for the 'Naked Ultra Nourishing Lipgloss' in 'Nooner' (£14), it's a very neutral shade which means I can wear it with a smoky eye and not look too much, and the gloss is part balm making it hydrating and a pleasure to wear. 

All together I got the 3 products for an astounding £30, thanks to the beauty event and my mum's beauty points and money off coupons she collected from previous purchases. Basically bargain of the century, that's £61 worth of makeup and we paid less than half.   

Gorgeous Colours 

Inside, a selection of primer samples 

'Nooner', perfect neutral colour 

Thanks Momma Bear. 

Peace and Love, 

Saturday, 5 April 2014



Music, Music, Music. My 'recently added' is currently overflowing with new and exciting songs. Last week was ULTRA Music Festival over in Miami and with a live stream my weekend was sorted. Despite the 4 hour time difference I persevered into the early hours of the morning. 

I thought I would just share what is new in my iTunes. I have got so many songs that I am just loving so much, hopefully I have a future hit or three. They aren't all new releases but amazing all the same. 

 Here we go then, I have linked them all through Youtube in case you want to give them a listen:

I love this song for relaxing, and as my alarm to wake me up gently. I love Above and Beyond and this is a beautiful acoustic version of my favourite A&B song. 

This is just makes me feel summery and I love that. 

I must admit that I find Justin very attractive in the video for this, I think it may be his dancing, I don't know. I like the beat on this, and Chance The Rappers verse. 

Perfect gym song! The bpm is perfect for running and it just makes you want to push that little but further or run a little but faster, definitely motivational.   

Gym standard music or just for dancing around in your room, either way. 

Honestly makes me so happy listening to this, summer tune, I just imagine myself lounging in the sun, in the meadows (Edinburgh people will know) drinking cider with my friends, no cares in the world. 

If this doesn't make you want to shake your booty or release your inner stripper moves, I don't know what will! Queen B! 

This has a jist of Gatsby, 40s style, very catchy with an interesting video. I think this may be one we hear a lot in the coming weeks.  

Super cute, I do love some cheesy boyband stuff. 

THIS! I love this song so much and I can see this being a major hit this summer, even if it's not, I will still have it on repeat! 

So that is a snippet of my new music collection. I hope you enjoy some of these as much as I do. What you are listening to right now? Any future Summer song predictions? 

Peace and Love,
Sophie. X

Monday, 31 March 2014

Monochrome, Pastels, Hologram & Jewels


SHOPPING TIME! I really shouldn't have but I did. I was in town for a meeting on Friday morning so once that was finished I thought I'd take a trip to Primark. I haven't been for a while so I thought I'd see what they had to offer. 

The Primark in Edinburgh is pretty huge and full of everything you could ever need, clothes, shoes, beauty, home-ware and accessories galore. I just thought I would share with you what I got on my Friday 'haul' as it's known in the blogosphere, so let's get started.

First up is 2 blouses I picked up. I own too many t-shirts and casual tops so I am trying to build up a smarter, more classy collection. These are both fitting in with my new monochrome wardrobe. 

Striped Blouse £8

Short Sleeved Blouse £10

Up next is something I wouldn't usually post online, but every girl needs one, and Primark is where I go for the majority of mine. I'm talking about bras! I feel I should let the world know how good their lingerie is, it's cheap but still good quality and comes in every style, colour and variety your heart could desire.
 I particularly like these ones however as they look exactly like the Victoria's Secret bras but for a 10th of the price and this makes me super happy. Who does feel good when they've got great lingerie on? I have worn the pink and grey lace one (right now actually) and I can say with no hesitation that it is so comfortable and an amazing fit, I still can't believe the price, £5 and it came with matching undies! 


Gorgeous Gold Lace Detail
Set £5 

So now onto the accessories. I love, love, love necklaces and all kinds of jewelry, it just takes a simple outfit to the next level. I don't go a day without some form of neck adornment. Primark is genuinely my favourite place for jewels, I wouldn't even think of looking anywhere else. I have noted that it sells the exact same styles and pieces as Topshop for a fraction of the cost, and  it's not as if Topshop jewelry is of superior quality. I just can't justify paying £30 for a necklace that is likely to break, tarnish and loose it's sparkle. 

I hadn't planned to but this much but I was like a kid in a candy store, I wanted it all. 

A gold chain, you can never have to many in my opinion. I have one like this from River Island with bigger links so when I saw this I had to get it, for those days when I want to be more subtle 

Primark, £3 

This is a really nice, more girly necklace, It is a mix of silver, pink, and white chain with a pale blue suede lace wrapped around. 

I thought it would be cute for when I'm feeling a bit more girly and fits well with 'pastels' which is all the rage every S/S season. 

Primark £5

I saw these gorgeous bracelets and just had to get them. I used to wear lots of smaller bracelets but I have grown out of my childish ways and prefer a more simple yet statement piece. The first is a gold chain with cream thread and silver sparkles (£2). The other is the same but with thread that goes from pale mint, to pink, to lilac and then cream, it is pretty pastel tones, perfect for this season (£3).

You may have seen this in my OOTD a few posts back. It is my favourite necklace right now. Some of the smaller gems have fallen out and the silver sparkles are not looking so shiny so I had to get another one before they stopped selling them. (Primark £5)

Last up is my best find in ages, I am so chuffed and smitten with it. I had gathered all of my items at Primark when I randomly just walked around the bag department, not really looking for anything when I came across this BEAUT of a clutch! I am so picky when it comes to bags and shoes, but this was love at first site. I am in awe of holographic things (I am contemplating holographic flatforms). I was so thrilled when I found this. It looks so expensive, I would never have guessed that Primark would produce this gem. They had the same bag in a corally pinky pink patent, but the holograph stole my heart. 

Just take in the beauty of this bag. It could be yours for a mere £8!!!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing what I picked up on my haul. Are you lusting over this clutch as much as I am? What are you favorite things to get from Primark, clothes, shoes, jewelry?

Peace and Love,
Sophie. X

Friday, 28 March 2014


Hey there!

Started from the bottom now we here! Trophies, and they don't have no awards for that! I guess that's just the motion! Just hold on we're going home! I'll take care of you!

That's just a quick introduction and some lyrics for you to get you in the mood for this post. My birthday present from the girls was tickets to see Drake. Now I had been pestering everyone to get tickets for ages but no one was very keen, so I got them so I was over the moon. 

I am a great fan of rnb/hip-hop/rap, not very 'little, white girl' music. I have a weird obsession with Drake, at one point I used to listen to him as I went to sleep, this went on for months. He is one of those artist that I feel you can listen to over and over again and his songs never get old, I say this however I may have over-played 'Hold On We're Going Home' both the original and Pia Mia's cover (major girl crush!!!). 

On the 15th March I finally got to see him at the new SSE Hydro in Glasgow. This was my first time at the Hydro and being an events students I had heard lots about it. As we approached it in the taxi it looked amazing all lit up in blue, resembling a huge spaceship. Inside the arena was HUGE. I had standing tickets and just that space alone was vast. I would hate to have been in the seated areas at the back, they honestly looked about a mile from the stage, all of the seating was so far away from the stage. I like to be right in there with all the action at concerts so I vote standing every time!

The Weeknd was the support act, this was another reason I wanted to go to the concert, I love The Weeknd. He is not that well known here in Britain but he is with me. Wicked Games (<--YT link) would have to be a favourite song of mine. Definitely 'youtube' (VEVO link) him if you don't already know about him, well worth a listen. 


Then it was time for the real show to begin. All hail Aubrey Drake Graham, that's his full name. I had an amazing time and he performed all of my favourite songs, the motto, come thru, the motion etc. If you love Drake then definitely go and see him perform if you get a chance. 

The Hydro is a great venue but the only thing I didn't like was the price of drinks at the bar; 4 double vodka, lemonade and lime was £30. Soft drinks were also £2! If you have just paid £90 for your tickets, travel to Glasgow and to the venue, the ridiculous price of drinks makes for an expensive outing. I know it's because it's the only place to get drinks on site so people are willing/forced to pay it.  That would be my only negative.

Drake you were INSANE!

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Let's Go To The Beach-each, Let's Go Get Away


It doesn't feel right writing this post, it's pouring down with rain and I've just gotten soaked walking from the bus stop to the flat after uni. 

I find it hard to believe that just a few days ago I was eating ice cream on the beach, frolicking in the waves and watching the sun set over the coast. However I shall share this adventure with you anyway (mainly so I can reminisce on how much fun I had). 

Once upon a time, it was very sunny in Edinburgh, it felt like summer was in the air, people were smiling and birds were singing. After a few rather average hours at uni, we did not imagine what we would soon be doing. There was Jack, Khalid, Hannah and myself. As expected, we pilled into the car and we were off to Tesco before being dropped off at our flats. After raiding Tesco for sandwiches, juice, sushi, bananas and butternut squash (Jack!) we headed back to the car where plans started to fly. It was such a lovely day so we all thought we better make the most of it rather than sitting inside. 

We went from going on a walk, to 'shooting some hoops', climbing Arthur's Seat or going to Deep Sea World. Then came the winner a day trip to North Berwick! 

So we were on our way. North Berwick is not too far from Edinburgh, it took less than an hour. We parked up before we reached Berwick and went for a stroll and Jack was determined to go crabbing (no crabs to be found).

Pit stop en route

In the car Hannah was telling us that top of the list of things to do in North Berwick was to visit the public toilets. I know this may sound weird but all over their walls are awards for cleanliness and standard of facilities. I, of course, had to pay them a visit and they were the best public toilets I've had the pleasure of using. 

We explored the quaint little streets and browsed the charity shops; and noticed the high volume of dance music CDs on sale!? North Berwick appears to be the Scottish Ibiza.
Next on any visit to the sea was ice cream, cones in hand we headed for the beach. Sun shining down warming my face, ice cream, sand in between my toes and the soft roar of the waves...BLISS! 

Group Picture
It was as if we were children again, having races along the beach, doing handstands and paddling in the sea, which was freezing, just a little reminder that we were still in Scotland in March. After a while it was time to discover a new area. We then went to what I can only describe as a swimming pool, outdoors, full of sea water. I think it's so you can swim safely rather than in the great, vast sea. It was lovely, the water was so still. Hannah and I walked around the edge of the pool to the other side while the boys got all artsy with their photography. 

I LOVE this photo, all credit to Jack! 
This is so perfect because of the completely unsettled water, mirror image 
As it got a bit colder and the sun was starting to go down we skipped along to the harbor, where the boats were moored to get a better view of the setting sun. It was so peaceful and calming gazing out to sea and admiring the fiery sun descending before us. We must have sat there for a good hour and a half and perhaps pretended we were on the Titanic. 

Don't let go Jack! 

Boats and Hoes 

It was getting late so we made one last pit stop, the chippy, then sat on the wall by the car to eat and get our final glimpse of the coast. Then it was time to hit the road and get back to the hustle and bustle of city center life. 

A lovely day was had by all, it was a great way to momentarily forget about the stress of work and looming deadlines. Sorry for the overload of pictures, North Berwick was just too picturesque and they all turned out so nicely with the rare Scottish sun. 

Peace and Love, 
Sophie. X 

Sunday, 2 March 2014

February Favourites & Reviews

Hello everybody,

I find it so hard to go to boots and only buy what I went in for. I needed foundation, I came out with said foundation as well as lots of other little beauty treats that are so unnecessary. I just love buying new products (that usually I don't need)!
I thought I would do a round up of some of the products that I have come across this month and do a little review. Would I buy again or not? So here we go...
Temple Spa, Peace Be Still Balm

Not a fan

Sunday, 16 February 2014

OOTD, Rain & Lunching


I haven't started my university 'Live Project' yet, that's the 17th of February, so I have been a lady of leisure since being back in Edinburgh.

On Wednesday my friend Jenna and I decided to go for a little lunch date on her break from placement, which just happens to be on my street. 

We picked the Red Squirrel on Lothian road. It's a cute little place with nice food and pocket friendly prices. It is absolutely freezing in Edinburgh right now, and yes I am discussing the weather, how quintessentially British of me. Luckily it's only a 5 minute walk but it was a horrible trek through the strong winds and fighting off the lashing rain, but somehow we made it. 

Once inside we settled into the alcove seating area near the back, we got our drinks order taken, 2 pints of diet coke please, and scoured the menu. They have a delicious looking breakfast menu served until 12 on weekdays and later at the weekends. I'll have to go for brunch one day, French toast with bacon and maple syrup um helloooo! 

The menu consists mainly of burgers of all variety, Jenna and I decided on chicken burgers having dismissed the soup as it was spicy lentil, not a favourite of ours. I chose the tandoori chicken and Jenna the blackened chicken. They both came with fries and a small dish of red cabbage coleslaw which is delish! My burger was topped with a mint yoghurt, caramelised onion and rocket. It was super yummy and best of all the bill only came to 23.50 for the two of us, best of both worlds. 

I underestimated as to how cold it really was outside and the fact that it was raining, meaning that my outfit choice was rather inappropriate for the weather but oh well. I wore my favourite blouse that I got for christmas a few years ago and I still love it. It is from Warehouse. I love the pattern and colours of the blouse, it has small silver buttons and 3 silver studs on either side of the collar which make it a bit more unique.
 I paired it with a basic grey cotton t-shirt from zara, it was a normal length when I bought it but it somehow shrunk a bit in the wash so I altered it to be cropped.
I wore my favourite jeans ever, I have 2 identical pairs, from Topshop, Joni super high waisted. They are a really nice blue colour and not exactly denim but very soft, stretchy material. These jeans are so easy to wear, during the day and I even wear them to go out in the evenings paired with a nice top or camisole and a statement necklace.
I finished of the outfit with a gold chain (Primark), my skull embroidered smoking slippers (Zara) and a black leather jacket (Topshop).



 All in all a nice lunch date with a good friend, what could be better than that! Any recommendations of other good lunch spots in Edinburgh that are worth a visit?

Peace and Love,
Sophie. X 

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Popping Bottles


So January is the biggest birthday month in my calendar, with over 5 of my closest friends and family celebrating their births. 

My sister, Livvy, turned 23 this year but she was in Aberdeen so sadly didn't get to see her. However I did send her a nice card and the new Bridget Jones book. 

Jenna, my friend from uni, a youngin' like myself turned 20, no longer a teenager! We celebrated by having a nice birthday dinner in the flat, tasty chilli, homemade guac, our favourite (Sally makes the best ever), doritos, cake and champagne. It was a lovely night to relax and gossip all together. 

Jenna making a wish
Mummy's birthday is on the 24th. I went home to see her, I cooked her supper as a treat; fillet steak, hand cut chips, asparagus, and garlic mushrooms with a peppercorn sauce. DELISH. This was then finished with chocolate souffl├ęs all washed down with lots if champagne and wine. 

It was also my good friend Sarah's 21st the same day as my mums. For her birthday I drove up to Aberdeen, where she's from (we met at uni in Ed), on the Saturday afternoon. We popped out to buy some decorations and drinks, then set up a little party in her flat, which was great. 

Cocktails,cupcakes and chocolate strawbs

After a few hours in the flat we headed to Amicus Apple, one of my favourite places for food and amazing drinks. There is one in Aberdeen and one in Edinburgh, definately worth a visit! Here we had more champagne and cocktails, try a twizzler, one of my favs, it's pink and comes with a lolly and flying saucer, oh and it's delicious! 
Our Twizzlers being made, (Photo from Amicus Aberdeen Facebook Page)

After that we headed to Nox, a well know club in Aberdeen, where Sarah had a table booked and the partied the rest of the night away. It was a great night had by all. 
Having a little pose 

Me with the Birthday Princess Saz 
Then there is my birthday on the 30th. I am just having some people round to my flat for pres and might head out afterwards, tonight. I'm not the biggest birthday person, they don't bother me too much so I'm never that worried about having a big celebration or anything. I will be turning 20, I am the baby of the group and always have been even at school. 

So farewell teenage life, and hello adulthood I guess, let's see if I feel anymore grown up? I highly doubt it though haha. 

Peace and Love, 
Sophie. X 

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Skinny Tea Time

Hi everyone,

So I have been interested in the concept of teatoxes for a while now. Having looked up suppliers I found one in Edinburgh owned by a girl called Sophie, so I only saw it fitting to choose her company for my first teatox.

It is called the Skinny Tea Company, and offers 5 amazing flavours; Ice-cream (yes, this is what attracted my interest!), Peaches & Cream, Summer Berry Jam, Honeysuckle and a limited edition Jasmine Blossom. 

I ordered the 4 week skinny tea detox box (£49.95 incl. P+P) which comes with a packet of each flavour so I can try them all. The teas are loose and so you also get a supply of reusable tea sacks, which are basically just giant tea bags that you pop a teaspoon of your chosen tea in, then you make it like any other herbal tea. 

My Detox Tea Box 

Loose, dried tea 

It has only arrived today so I shall do an update in a few weeks to see (fingers crossed) what affect and changes the tea have made. 

Available from
Twitter: @SkinnyTeaCo 

Peace and Love,
Sophie. X