Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Popping Bottles


So January is the biggest birthday month in my calendar, with over 5 of my closest friends and family celebrating their births. 

My sister, Livvy, turned 23 this year but she was in Aberdeen so sadly didn't get to see her. However I did send her a nice card and the new Bridget Jones book. 

Jenna, my friend from uni, a youngin' like myself turned 20, no longer a teenager! We celebrated by having a nice birthday dinner in the flat, tasty chilli, homemade guac, our favourite (Sally makes the best ever), doritos, cake and champagne. It was a lovely night to relax and gossip all together. 

Jenna making a wish
Mummy's birthday is on the 24th. I went home to see her, I cooked her supper as a treat; fillet steak, hand cut chips, asparagus, and garlic mushrooms with a peppercorn sauce. DELISH. This was then finished with chocolate souffl├ęs all washed down with lots if champagne and wine. 

It was also my good friend Sarah's 21st the same day as my mums. For her birthday I drove up to Aberdeen, where she's from (we met at uni in Ed), on the Saturday afternoon. We popped out to buy some decorations and drinks, then set up a little party in her flat, which was great. 

Cocktails,cupcakes and chocolate strawbs

After a few hours in the flat we headed to Amicus Apple, one of my favourite places for food and amazing drinks. There is one in Aberdeen and one in Edinburgh, definately worth a visit! Here we had more champagne and cocktails, try a twizzler, one of my favs, it's pink and comes with a lolly and flying saucer, oh and it's delicious! 
Our Twizzlers being made, (Photo from Amicus Aberdeen Facebook Page)

After that we headed to Nox, a well know club in Aberdeen, where Sarah had a table booked and the partied the rest of the night away. It was a great night had by all. 
Having a little pose 

Me with the Birthday Princess Saz 
Then there is my birthday on the 30th. I am just having some people round to my flat for pres and might head out afterwards, tonight. I'm not the biggest birthday person, they don't bother me too much so I'm never that worried about having a big celebration or anything. I will be turning 20, I am the baby of the group and always have been even at school. 

So farewell teenage life, and hello adulthood I guess, let's see if I feel anymore grown up? I highly doubt it though haha. 

Peace and Love, 
Sophie. X 

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Skinny Tea Time

Hi everyone,

So I have been interested in the concept of teatoxes for a while now. Having looked up suppliers I found one in Edinburgh owned by a girl called Sophie, so I only saw it fitting to choose her company for my first teatox.

It is called the Skinny Tea Company, and offers 5 amazing flavours; Ice-cream (yes, this is what attracted my interest!), Peaches & Cream, Summer Berry Jam, Honeysuckle and a limited edition Jasmine Blossom. 

I ordered the 4 week skinny tea detox box (£49.95 incl. P+P) which comes with a packet of each flavour so I can try them all. The teas are loose and so you also get a supply of reusable tea sacks, which are basically just giant tea bags that you pop a teaspoon of your chosen tea in, then you make it like any other herbal tea. 

My Detox Tea Box 

Loose, dried tea 

It has only arrived today so I shall do an update in a few weeks to see (fingers crossed) what affect and changes the tea have made. 

Available from
Twitter: @SkinnyTeaCo 

Peace and Love,
Sophie. X 

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Oh Baby...

Hi Lovely People, 

This is my, well 'review' I guess of Maybelline Baby Skin primer.  I bought this product on an unplanned trip to Boots when I returned to Edinburgh for New Year. I hadn't heard about it before, but it was a featured product on the Maybelline stand, I thought that since their Baby Lips are so good I had to try this product. I mean who wouldn't want baby skin!? 

Modeled by Hawaiian Hello Kitty  

The product  reminds me slightly of Vaseline. Don't let that put you off, I just mean due to the soft texture and the fact that this primer is clear. You don't need a lot, a small amount goes a long way. The first time I used it I loved it, it is so soft on your skin and easy to apply and I believe that it does what it says on the tin, well tube. As soon as it was applied I could see the look of my pores being reduced, creating a smooth base for my foundation. 

Boots, £7.99
I have seen now that this primer has been advertised and it is becoming more well known. Currently at Boots it is 'buy one get one half price' on all Maybelline products so I think that I will be popping down to get some more Baby Skin. 
I have got my Mum and Sister on the Baby Skin bandwagon, will you be joining us? Have you tried it and loved it, or hated it, or are you yet to try it out? 

Peace and Love, 
Sophie. X

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Bad Connections...

So I would have loved to have blogged my way through the Christmas Season, but my worst nightmare, no internet! As my real, non-term-time, home is up a hill in Scotland we have ropey internet as it is but bad weather and blah blah blah we had little to no internet that just kept dropping out. Not what a blogger wants.

I hope that everyone had a lovely Christmas holiday and enjoyed spending time with their loved ones, as well as receiving lots of beautiful gifts. I had a lovely Christmas with the fam, even if I was working Christmas eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and well, just a lot.  A girl needs money to keep up with her beauty buys as well as saving up for a girls holiday this summer.

Victoria's Secret Goodies

Spoilt little princess

Here are a few pictures from my christmas but I am sorry to say that I could not blog my all about it and my amazing gift. I now feel it is too late to do so.

The new year means new, so we won't dote on the past.

Peace and Love,