Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Hello there, 

I have recently bought a plethora of new beauty and everyday fun things, so I thought I would do a round up of my favourites. So here goes my April/May favourites, enjoy...

Hairspray- I am currently obsessed with the Schwarzkopf got2b Glued Blasting Freeze Spray and it does exactly what it says on the can. I am very partial to a big bun or beehive quiff kind of thing so a strong holding hairspray is super important to survive the day. This spray smells amazing, goes on in a light mist and holds my hair in place perfectly. I will definitely be buying this again, and it's only £3! 

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. The Micellar water hype is real! I actually think it is a magic potion, basically a clear, unscented water than has the power to take of layers of makeup, even waterproof mascara, in just a swipe. I am so happy I bought this product, you just put some of the water on a cotton pad and then just use it like a cleanser. I have had this bottle for quite a while, it lasts for ages, 200 uses as it states, making it well worth the money (£4.99). Throw away those expensive make up and eye makeup removers, everyone needs this in their life!  

A bit different, but Little Miracles juices, which are delicious. I have just finished a rather stressful last term at uni as a third year and this meant spending lots of time in the library. Hydration is super important to keep my little brain cells ticking along. I get sick of sweet, fizzy juices and boring water sometimes, so I went for something in the middle. These are cold teas with lots of healthy ingredients, not overly sweet but enough to satisfy the craving. Super yummy and a healthier alternative. The green one tastes oddly like apple, despite apple not being a main ingredient. I bought these in Sainsburys, but I'm sure they are available in most supermarkets.    

This may sound weird but...I was known for being a moisturising at school. Any time we had PE out came the moisturiser, for me there is nothing worse that looking like a dessert lizard. I must say, everyone started to pack body lotion in their gym bags, your welcome girls! I picked this one up at Savers (best shop ever) it was super cheap, about £3 I think. This has become my favourite, it is thick and hydrating while remaining light on the skin and quick to absorb once applied. It has a fresh and clean scent and makes my skin feel so nourished and soft, I have even had several compliments on my baby soft skin. 

This is another Savers bargain. As a student my bank balance is never very happy, therefore Savers is literally my favourite place, you get top brands and the same products as in Boots or Superdrug, for a fraction of the price, it's a win win situation for me. I went in to get some hair products and picked up these. Both the shampoo and conditioner are only £1 a bottle! The price, as well as my favourite scent, coconut, were what sold it for me. My hair has never been so soft and smells delicious, so I would definitely recommend this to everyone.  

I have used my Naked 3 palette, from my previous post, (find it here) everyday since I got it so it had to get a little mention in my favourites post. Another thing I want to add, a bit random, is popcorn. I have popped (get it? sorry that was awful) on the popcorn bandwagon, I have the dried kernels and it is so much fun watching them puff up and turn into proper popcorn. Plus you can flavour it how ever you want, I am partial to making Nandos peri-peri salt flavour, deeeelicious. 

Well that is the end of my April/May favourites, I hope you have enjoyed a little insight into what I am loving right now, and that you might try some of them if you haven't already.

Peace and Love, 
Sophie. X

Friday, 2 May 2014

Let's Get Naked


So it's been a while since I last posted anything, but I have been sooooo busy with my Live Project at uni, but finally after far too much stress it is handed in, now only a presentation and another report to go. Our project report ended up being 117 pages long, 19000 words and £76 worth of printer credit between three of us. 

My Mum and Dad knew how stressed I was with all of my uni work and after a panic text to them complaining about my laptop not working, they came across to Edinburgh to see me the next day. We looked at new laptops but I concluded that my current one was sufficient enough and I couldn't justify my parents buying me a new one (yet). 

Instead of a new laptop, mummy treated me to some new makeup, at which I can't complain. We went to Debenhams on Princes Street to look at all the nice products and ended up at the Urban Decay stand. I have been dying for a Naked palette for so long, but my student budget has not allowed me to purchase one sadly. We chatted to Kate who was working at the stand and admired the new 'Electric Pressed Powder Palette'. The colours are so amazingly bright, I thought I could never wear them but Kate offered to try them out on me to show me how wearable they are. I chose to use the pinks and purples and it looked amazing on, however I'd need to practice my technique before attempting to use this palette. Safe to say I had the best eye-makeup out of everyone at the library later that day haha.   

I chose the Naked 3 palette (£37), I liked the colours in it, it has more pink and rose gold colours in it than the other Naked palettes and that's what swung it for me. I also picked up a trio of eyeliners, the 'Triple Threat Travel Pencil Set' (£10) which has the colours; Smoke, Perversion and Sabbath. At Debenhams they currently have a beauty event with £10 off, in store, (10% online) with any 2 'award winning' beauty or fragrance purchases, that's why I got the eyeliner set FREE. I chose a lipgloss to go with my new palette and just as a change from lipstick and as I don't have any nice lipgloss since I finished my favourite MAC one. I went for the 'Naked Ultra Nourishing Lipgloss' in 'Nooner' (£14), it's a very neutral shade which means I can wear it with a smoky eye and not look too much, and the gloss is part balm making it hydrating and a pleasure to wear. 

All together I got the 3 products for an astounding £30, thanks to the beauty event and my mum's beauty points and money off coupons she collected from previous purchases. Basically bargain of the century, that's £61 worth of makeup and we paid less than half.   

Gorgeous Colours 

Inside, a selection of primer samples 

'Nooner', perfect neutral colour 

Thanks Momma Bear. 

Peace and Love,